12 Replies to “Universal Camera Flash for DSLR Cameras w/ Standard Hot Shoe Mount | By Altura Photo® AP-UNV1

  1. Hello, I purchased this flash for my Canon EOS 70D, but when connected to the shoot on manual mode my camera says the flash is incompatible or flash power is turned off. I tried using it as a slave all to no avail. Can you please help?

  2. Hi, I've done everything that you said to do… not wiggling the flash onto the hot shoe, making sure everything is off when you do that, and making sure everything is in manual but my Canon Rebel T5i is still saying that the flash is incompatible. I have the Pro Series Digital SLR Universal Flash. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  3. I wish there was a review like this for the Neewer TT560! I can't seem to get my flash to fire on the cameras hot shoe. My triggers don't work with it either. I'm sending it back and getting this one. I have a T5i and I thought this flash was compatible.

  4. I have a canon T6i & its saying this flash isn't compatible, I was told this flash would work with this camera thats why i bought it, is there anyway this could be fixed?

  5. hello there, i have the nikon D5200 and i got the kit for this camera where is coming this flas, i usually shot in manual mode, but when i try to use the flash to commander by the on flas camera, in the menu of the camera just got 2 options, the ttl and the manual, i dont have the option to use the pop up flash of the camera for triger the altura flash, some help please.

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