38 Replies to “Unity UI Tutorial – Scale UI to the right size for every resolution using anchors

  1. Thanks, but, I have a problem.
    I have a group of texts/labels and below it I have a group of buttons, in 1080p it's with a gap, and that's exactly what I want to happen, but when in 720p, the gap is gone and its exactly below the text with no gap, why is that? How can I fix it?

  2. Do you ever have the problem where your anchor points are X/Y restricted and off-set from the object you're interacting with? I placed an image inside a button element, but the image anchor points are far right from my button, and it won't allow me to move the anchor points back onto the button.

  3. Thanks, bro!
    I am a totally beginner on unity3D.
    Now I know how to make good use on customise anchor points and Canvas Scaler, thanks for the tips.

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