45 Replies to “Tutorial: How to make a dramatic portrait easily in Photoshop (Slovak subtitles)

  1. Hello, I am using photoshop cc 2017. after adjusting the darkness, I went to "hard light", but the image stayed blk/white. No color came back.

    can you help?

  2. What exactly happens when you click hard light for the first time and the colour comes back? That isn't happening for me… And so the rest of the video isn't really possible

  3. I have watched so many tutorials about Photoshop, but this guy just taught me so much in such a short time….I am amazed. I love this guy…great video!!

  4. Does anyone have any tips on how to create that studio black background effect in Photoshop? Like, I want to change any background to black and make the subject blend in a bit without looking like a copy and paste. I'm just a beginner and your advice would be great.

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