28 Replies to “The Top Secret Photography Techniques- Mind-Blowing Images

  1. ok so in theory to what you saying there is no need for a 70-200 i should just use a kit lens cause the results will be the same ?????? GTFOH. Yes you dont need it if you a hobbyist but as a pro you need the glass and a decent body to achieve the best results. Try shoot a wedding in low light with a 650D compared to like a 5dmk3 and then tell me gear does not matter

  2. One of the images you sampled which I can take with "any" DSLR is an Infrared image, which can only be taken on a DSLR with its infrared sensor coating removed, or with a manual 35mm SLR with infrared film….

  3. hello i m new to photography I just got a fujifilm finepix s8600 would I be able to do this stuff on my camera if so I'm ordering right now! also can you get the book n vidio in proper vidio and book form (not downloaded) thanks

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