47 Replies to “The Real Housewives of New York City: Official Season 6 Preview Special | Bravo

  1. there all fake fake fake only 1 is real the with the broken leg is the faclest I'm not getto but yet her song is making rap music think again before u try n speak dumn nonsense I really dispice this woman b@****on so many level no1 is going to look up to you

  2. Once Jill, Alex, and Kelly were fired the show went downhill. I LOVED the whole Blonde vs Brunette thing lmao I was always on the Blondes team lmao

  3. If I hear Bethenney complain one more time about being homeless, I may give up watching this poor excuse for a show, Bethenney REALLY  there are REAL homeless people out there living on the STREET !!!  Here I see you crying over being homeless and I cringe,  what is wrong with you people?  Just one more thing GET OFF MY JOCK, where the hell did that come from, Quit yer Bitchin and get on with living , I think if I see your crocodile tears one more time, I may throw my television out the window LOL LOL LOL!! Grow up Bethenney, looks like you need more than one therapist!

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