Siemens Artis Hearing Aids – High Value, Low Cost

From the Phonophor which its founder Werner von Siemens invented in 1872 to its 2007 status as the US 'largest hearing aids manufacturer, Seimens Hearing Instruments has come a very long way.

Siemens cooperates with experts in every area of ​​hearing impairment – medical clinics, university research facilities and audiologists – in designing its hearing devices, and them equips them with state of the art technology.

High End Features

Siemens has applied that research and technology to its Siemens Artis hearing aids, making them compare favorable with some of its high-end listening devices while costing considerably less. The Siemens Artis hearing aid is remarkable for the speech clarity produced from its digital 12-channel noise control system.

With its speech enhancement feature, the Siemens Artis hearing aid removals annoying background sounds; its also manages feedback with a high-speed cancellation system, and is even capable of picking up and eliminating the sound of wind so that you can understand what is being said in outdoor situations.

With its TwinMac directional microphone, the Siemens Artis hearing aid allows you to position your microphones towards a speaker or sound source and away from surrounding noises. You'll hear conversations and television or radio programs much more distinctly. And the behind-the-ear or customSIemens Artis hearing aids are equipped with their AutoPhone feature for optimizing their performance during telephone conversations.

The Siemens Artis hearing aid is protected from humidity, dust, and dirt with a specially-coated casing in a wide selection of colors, and can be closely matched to every complexion. Available in behind the ear, custom, and open fit designs, it can be programmed to suit almost any hearing impairment needs.


Siemens Artis hearing aids even have an optional e2e feature for binaural users. E2e is an amazing breakthrough which allows the Seimens Artis hearing aids to work in tandem, with the aid in either ear adjusting automatically to maximize the quality your total hearing.

And, although the E2E Siemens Artis hearing aids will adjust automatically, they are equipped with manual controls which will allow you to adjust them simultaneously; all you need to do is volume or listening program control on one of the hearing aids; they will then synchronize their settings and eliminate the need for you to fine tune them separately.

And Siemens Artis hearing aids are smart; with their DataLearning feature they remember and adjust to their user's preferred volume levels for each of their programs, and keep a record of data so that the user's audiologist will be able to detect the need for further adjustments at follow-up sessions.

Source by David Faulkner