21 Replies to “PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: How to Create Fake Rim Lighting #33

  1. This is just fantastic… I've been working with ps for a bit over a year now and have learned so much but there are things that have just evaded me… just recently I learned of the amazing versatility for fantastic effects from the layer style box and feel rather silly that it's taken me so long to discover this, ha ha! I did not know how or that we could even make another lighting layer from a mask… brilliant! There are tons of tips and tricks, info (and yes, I love color dodge and soft light as my two faves, lol!) that I am so very enthused about learning. You go through it very slow, demonstrating as you go, not racing and are a wonderful teacher too! I have subscribed and can't wait to go through your vids and learn as much as I can from you. Thank you so much, again.

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