Photoshop – Is It a Need?

Unless you have been hiding in a cave somewhere, you are probably familiar with Photoshop to at least some degree. Even if you haven’t made use of it, you will have seen photos that have been manipulated using this program, which has become a feature of countless sites lately. The basic concept of Photoshop is that you can use it to improve or add to a real photograph.

For example, if a picture has been taken which, upon closer inspection, has traces of something that the viewer “must not see” – for instance, blotches on the face of a person in the photo, or perhaps a stain on the floor covering – the use of Photoshop can get rid of that unwanted intruder. Similarly, Photoshop can be used to put things such as color or light.

A more clever use of Photoshop is visible on countless websites around the Internet in which photographs are deliberately and definitely manipulated for (often) comedic effect. Whether it is putting someone else’s head on the body of an animal (or someone else), placing an individual against a background with comic potential or making the effect that a person is a 100 feet tall, this is really a well-liked pastime.

You may like or dislike Photoshop. A lot of people will use it to enhance their own photos before publishing them on social networking sites, and make the impression that they’re more attractive than they really are. This might not have been the initial purpose of this software, but people will use it the way they want.

When Everything Was Black And White

Color photography was in fact invented a lot longer ago than most people believe – indeed, there have been experimental color shots taken as long ago as the 19th century. Nonetheless, the use of color photography was greatly rare until the 1960s, and it was another many years after that before newspapers printed color shots with any kind of regularity.

This – combined with the presence of old-fashioned black and white movies – gives an impression of age and for some people an impression of depth to pictures taken nowadays utilizing black and white film or even filters. Most of the iconic photographs ever, taken as they were in the early half of the twentieth century, are known to us in black and white.

One of the most famous pictures – the assassination of President John F Kennedy, an event that happened in 1963 – happened after color photography had been introduced, but before it was widespread and before color photographs could be widely reproduced. Hence, it’s an episode we “recall” in black and white.

Pictures of the very first Moon Landing do exist in color, however the most renowned – of Neil Armstrong descending the ladder onto the Moon’s surface – is also in black and white. Regardless of whether it’s for reasons of historical grandeur, or because of the questions still left unasked, lots of people even within this age of color photography still prefer to use black and white to get more creative shots.

Source by Ashley Adam