Name Tags

Name tags are identification materials worn by individuals that display vital information such as name, design and possibly designs such as logos and other artwork. Name tags industry is a high volume supplies industry catering to the events planning industry such trade marks, conferences and meetings. The industry supplies identification materials such as tags, badges and plates to professionals, entrepreneurs and media planners.

Name tags come in different forms according to the requirements of the customer. The letters can be engraved, stamped or screen-printed, and letters can be different colors like red, blue and green. The material can be plain paper, plastics such as vinyl and polycarbonates. Selecting colors, materials and the type of lettering used can customize the tags. The price of nametags is based on the quality and quantity, and most of the suppliers have a minimum order volume. Rate also varies according to the number of lines, colors and the design.

Most of the name tag suppliers have switched to the Internet, and they accept orders with input such as name information and design of the logo through emails and fax. The orders usually take four to eight days according to the volume. The name tag industry also caters to the pet care industry by providing tags and other attachment accessories.

The name tag industry has evolved into a high tech system by providing hardware like the nTAG. Invented by Rick Borovoy, this nametag is worn around a person's neck at conventions and other gatherings. It holds personal information that the owner enters like place of employment, alma mater, job title, etc. It then acts like a 4 x 3 inch TV, sending messages to other convention goers, giving them bits of information about you.

Source by Alison Cole