12 Replies to “Learn Photoshop – How to Fix Blurry Photos

  1. This was a great video. Sometimes tossing the photo is not an option especially when you only have one chance to get the shot and the subject is moving or your focus is off. Great video really helped me out a ton!

  2. I like all your vids but this one wasn't all that great. You're basically taking a blurry photo and sharpening it. It still looks like a blurry photo in the end. I usually just toss out blurry photos and I thought this might change my mind about that. Not really. Nice effort though. I'm sure some people might find this useful.

  3. Hey soldier,

    That's a different matter, what happening there is that photoshop is having to literally guess the extra information of the image to make it bigger… there's really no way around the fact that images, when enlarged, become blurry. You can fix it somewhat, by follow the techniques of the video AFTER you've enlarged the image.

    Also, depending on your version of Photoshop, when you go to Image > Image Size, there's a combo box at the bottom, set it to Bicubic Smoother.

  4. Try altering the distance between the camera and the object. If it's always very blurry no matter the distance, then I'm afraid there's not much to be done. You can try to be more aggressive on the "High Pass" filter, but like I say on the video, it doesn't do miracles.

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