Laptop Battery – Test Your Laptop Battery

If you want to know whether your laptop battery has a residual charge, you can make an easy test. The simplest way is to connect it to your notebook computer. And then you can turn on the unit to check out whether there is remaining charge or not. This is a common way, and many people know it. Do you know some other ways? Following are some different ways to test your laptop battery. If you are interested in these ways, you can choose your desired one. Before the test, you need get ready these things: a multi-meter, test light, battery charger and battery tester. Four different things mean that there are four different ways to test the battery.

If you want to choose a multi-meter, you need to connect the battery to the multi-meter. Connect the battery's positive port to one end of the multi-meter, and the negative port to the other end. And then you can read the multi-meter how much charge is left in the battery. You can easily read the exact number at electronic multi-meter. However, if your multi-meter has gauge, you need to know the right way to read it.

When you choose a test light, you have to make sure that the test light is working beforehand. A working test light will glow if it is connected to a charged battery's positive port. So you can put the test light in your battery's positive port to check out whether your battery is charged or drained out.

Choose a battery charger to test your battery. You can simply place your battery on the charger. And then you will know it whether it needs a charge or not.

Finally, you can use the battery tester to test the battery. You still need to put both the battery's positive port and negative port in each end of the tester. And then you can directly read how much charge left in your battery.

Some ways are rough, and some ways are simple. You can choose one of them according to your tools. Remember to charge your battery if it is drained out.

Source by Idella Cohen