46 Replies to “Landscape Photography – The Narrows, Zion National Park. When to use a Polarizer Filter

  1. Fun to see you in my part of the world. You talked about using your compass to keep track of the sun. You may want to also add an app to your phone– PlanIt! for Photographers. It costs about $5 (I don't work for them or know who they are). It does some amazing things for planning where the sun (and moon) will be at a location on a particular day, but I also use it in the field to track sun travel paths. If looking to photograph the Grand Canyon give me a shout. Cheers!

  2. Thomas…I am glad I stumbled upon your videos, I have been watching you for months non-stop. I have some questions for you…I look forward to your response.
    1) Hardware for the shoot. I watched your videos on "What's in your bag" and how you bring filters to get it right in camera vs. spend hours in post in your living room.. I am looking to get a good set that I can grow with with my lenses and I am looking for your advice. I have the new Sigma Art 12-24, Sigma Art 24mm Prime, and Canon 24-70 2.8L II. I am an ammeter photographer who shoots for the fun of shoting, it is a creatjve escape that I find soothing. My subjects are my family and landscapes. Now, I have a set of med quality 77mm filters (polarizer and ND super stopper and a few others), but I would like to step it up with some ND grads and need to go to a filter system. In your opinion (knowing the lenses above) what would you reccommend? Do I go "huge" for the Sigma 12-24 to fit all or invest in the 82mm set?

    2) Each lens has a "sweet spot". Do you use software like Reikan FoCal to determine this or research with DxO Mark? Does this "Sweet Spot" come into play when you are shooting your landscapes knowing that image sharpness declines the higher the f-stop used? How does that impact lens choice?

    3) After all these years of shooting it was not until recently when I came across a video talking about hyperfocal distance. Do you run through those calculations before a shoot, what is your process and thought process of so? Can you do a video talking about your technique on setting up a shot once you find the right composition?

    Thanks. I read your book and it was inspirational. Thanks for doing what you do!

  3. u should visit the mountain baba in bitola in macedonia.Its top(pelister) is amazing it has two lakes.Plus the sky is so clear so it is good for a astrophotography.
    And u are amazing.Bravo!

  4. Really enjoyed your video Tom. Hope your trip wasn't disappointing without the glow. Your two shots were great and I really liked the way you talked about taking pictures as you went about them. You'll be back I'm sure. Nice one!!!

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