44 Replies to “Katrina Kaif finally talks about her bikini pics with Ranbir Kapoor

  1. I dont get it at all!!!! Most of the female actors wear bikinis in their movies!!! Why is it such a big deal if she wears a bikini at the beach where she's holidaying with her then boyfriend!!!!

  2. for ur information she is not besharm ….vo taunt tha ap Loko ke lie.. .khud ki pics click krke dalo na….celebs ki dalte ho ….bloddy loosy people..khud mein toh dum nhi kuch krne ka …agaye dusro ko bolne

  3. These stars too have a personal life whether ranbir or Kat…we should respect them not baselessly target them …that u dated this girl that boy etc.

  4. yes its her private life…she will move on and on changing boyfriends…..making excuses in the name of career…..bravo katrina bravo….hope oneday you ll get your sole partner in form of a rich,fat,old,bald,unattractive womanizer from abroad,who would pay you half of his property after u file for a divorce………….and then dating a man just half of your age when ur god gifted beauty fades……..this is the most common strategy of the modern day bitches……katrina was a lucky girl because she had a SUPERMAN in her life who guided and protected her…but she has now proved to be a dumb ass running after the CLARKE KENTS,who seldom has so much doubt in himself….

  5. i don't under why media is having problem katrina have her own life she knows whats wrong what right media should not interfere in her personal life she also have right to live

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