39 Replies to “How to use my Custom Photoshop Brushes

  1. Hey sorry to keep bothering with this but I really want to know. I bought this brushes and want to know what canvas dimensions are best for them.

  2. I know this is a few years late. but these brushes are amazing. i just downloaded them and tried them out. Already my art has improved. Thanks Jazza for making them available to us. p.s. love the construction brush.

  3. Hi Jazza. I just bought your custom brushset this morning. Its awesome, and i had fun practicing, experimenting and adjusting my wacom tablet to it. I hit a wall though, since i could not make the tip of the brush move with the angle of the pen. I have a wacom intuous art medium, and since i have a windows computer, i had to disable windows ink, and then go into fliks, and enable the pen pressure again (everything works fine now, until now). But it will not move the tip of the brush. Any idea what ive done wrong?

  4. What resolution are these most suitable for? I've been testing out different sizes and even around 4,000 x 4,000 seems to be a tad small still, which is already a lot larger than I'm used to.

  5. hey jazza got the brushes very easy to putt them into my photoshop but the construction pen doesn't have the same effect of looking like a natural pencil like yours does? it completely smooth please lmk what you can do.

  6. bought and use as my everyday brushes, totally love it, there is one thing I'm wondering, what is your Photoshop canvas size and pixel/inches settings that perfect for these brushes?

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