19 Replies to “How to Make a GIF in Adobe Premiere Pro 2017

  1. Great video tutorial on how to create a video animaton, BUT it doesn't actually teach you how to make the animated GIF until the last 60 seconds, so if that's all you want to know – skip ahead to 29:00 in video.

    To be fair I'd never heard of GIFROCKET – so a great find. But how frustrating is it for us Premiere owners on MAC's to have to download and use aa additional little app like this, cuz the full version of PREMIERE does not have any in built way to export an animated GIF. Come on ADOBE, pull your finger out.

    But hey, this little app mentioned in video works perfectly – so thanks PremiereGal

  2. Good info, but what I was waiting for was the "export as GIF" and then along came GIFRocket _' Title was a bit misleading, but I learned a bunch, so thanks for taking the time to make this! Thumbs-Up

  3. When I dump the Shots inside of the Animated Transitions timeline sequence they split in two layers? They're not green like how I see you have them. When I select the two and click nest then it turns to green inside of the animated transition timeline. Any idea why?

  4. Heyooooo, thanks for the tutorial! I am working on an animation assignment (bouncing ball) and was wondering if you could make a video, or comment, on how to create a GIF from pencil drawings scanned in. I am having a hard time getting the background drawing to stay as the background throughout the entire GIF. Any tips help, give Sparky a treat for me. Oh and yes, please do a live tutorial.

  5. I have a pretty huge project I need to make a gif. is it possible to make a 2560x1440p transparent gif? Because when I try to save for web it never works.

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