12 Replies to “How to convert a Publisher File for Commercial Printing

  1. Thanks a lot. We're not all pro publishers out here so this was , as you say , simple to follow and saved me a lot of bother.

  2. jjmeyerwtf, I understand your sentiment and agree, Publisher should never be used for commercial printing. However, people still submit the art in Publisher so this tutorial was a basic export lesson. Of course there are other ways to export the files, but this was the most simple and prevented text getting cut off, fonts replaced, or images shifting.

    And lets me honest, you can convert a 300dpi RGB to CMYK without much color loss/variation unless they use fluorescent green or something.

  3. This is NOT how you make a press ready document! Your color model should be CMYK with any black text as black (K) only – RGB is for display images. Also, TIFF is the professional image standard for printing – not JPG. Publisher is for hack amateurs and is a curse to professional designers and printers. Most Publisher users (losers) can't even make a PDF. Keep your garbage at home and print it on your crappy inkjet!

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