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  1. Hello, I love your close up shots, you are so gorgeous, I love the advice you give, it gives me motivation so face every day, you have a great setup in your garage, you can get sealer for those gaps on the side of your doors, it's a easy and affordable project 🙂, keep up the good job, Te Amo 😘😘,God bless😍

  2. Finally catching up with the videos!! I loved the intro and the improvised set up!! Watching you workout makes me want to workout to! Slthough there is a little gym here but mostly been using the eliptical and leg curl which is the only thing available 😅 better than nothing right? That plus 2 to 4hours kendo classes haha I need to adk for a photo of me in kendo so that I can share it with you guys! Loved the video edit on the pelvuc raises and seeing my girl feeling the burn 💙 so proudof you and everything you keep accomplishing! Brw, fake weights?? Seriously?? Wtf is wrong with people? I also lo ve to see how passionate you are, I think it is one of the things that motivates me more about you 😄 i love the spotter waiting behind you while silently freezing to death haha poor Hugo so patient Thank you for the new years message and positivity. I built my own box, and wad actually educated to buiñd this kind of box… However nothing good comes out of it believe me… Only shit, negativity anf bad things for me. So thank you for reaching out anf for being a light in my life, seriously.Btw I will also request one thing from you…. Couñd you teach me how to usde ma!e up? Hahaha I willelaborate on the subject by email but I have many challenges to face in this new year… As always I am sending the family my warmest love and best wishes for the new year, hoping the freaking package finally reaches you…. There is no perishable thank god hahLesly~

  3. You looked especially happy in this vlog! Personal question: you’ve spoken about vision boards. Did you and Hugo end up doing one for 2017? Did you accomplish all that you wanted to? Do you and Hugo plan on adding to your family this year?

  4. I am usually a silent follower but after watching this video I had to speak up….. What a great positive and uplifting message, thank you for putting that put in the universe! I love how raw you are and honest, You are my fave fitness inspiration!!

  5. Happy new year to you and your family!! Perfect inspirational speech to start off the new year!! your true beauty was poring out as you spoke! I can definitely tell you are doing what makes you happy and passionate about ❤️Just a little positivity goes a long way!!! Thank you for the motivation…

  6. So a month and a half ago I stumbled upon your videos, and it was the one where you talked about how you do intermittent fasting and also how most people need more calories than they think they do. It really spoke to me because I naturally do not get hungry until later in the day and I noticed that once I start eating I have a hard time stopping and also because I am almost 5'11'' and I have a large frame it made sense to me that I would need MORE calories. So I started doing the 19/5 and between 1800-2300 calories a day, and in the five months prior to that, going to the gym six days a week doing hiit and eating only 1600-1800 calories I had been steadily losing 3lbs a month. In the first four weeks of changing it up, eating more and with IF, I lost 8lbs. The crazy thing is, it is SO easy, I don't get hungry anymore, if anything I get annoyed that I need to eat. Coming from someone who previously struggled with binge eating, who now eats more fresh veggies than anything else, and has zero cravings for processed foods….this is a bloody miracle. Thank you, a million times over!!!!

  7. You can 100% do 300 now. Just make it your first working set! I have been experimenting with reverse pyramid training and I got to 305 for 5 on hip thrust pretty quickly.

  8. Man! 90lbs is your warm up for squats? Jeez my max is half that! How frequently should you try upping weights and by how much? Like 5lbs week on week?

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