Flash CS6 Tutorial – Export as Movie / Video

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  1. Every AVI file i make is corrupted, when i got quicktime, flash just said it WASN'T installed, and swivel, a converter you can get, dose not work either.

  2. I'm having trouble with exporting a video. Every time when I animated a film, and when I export the video file in HD, it doesn't export the file. Because it says "file ran out of memory" or "file error" that kind of stuff. You know what I mean? I try many times, and it doesn't work. What's going on? What am I gonna' do?! I don't want to loose my exquisite stuffs! I hope you have an idea of how to fix it, and I hope you know what the problem is.

  3. There should be an explanation of the difference between "export video" and "export movie". What is the result of each and when you should use each. Their is no advice on what to do when you need to make the exporting decision.

  4. hi i have problem when im exporting my movie as  avi, when i do test of final project in flash looks ok ,but when im exporting ,and when i play it bs player half of animation wont work,, i have simple animation, of a car drive on road , and when im testing in flash the wheels are turning ,but when i export they are not, what is problem here?

  5. Problem:
    My animation plays fine and is synced tot he audio and everything when I play it in Flash, but when I export it is gets all screwed up. Why do this happen?

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