Employee Appreciation Gifts – Employee Recognition Matters

Studies have shown that a happy employee is a productive employee. Many companies are now awakening to the fact that employees who are shown gratitude end up achieving more than their counterparts who are not shown the same recognition. Showering employees with appreciation in the form of gifts is not a new concept. Top companies have routinely given employees who perform exemplary well a measure of recognition that is not normally accorded other colleagues. In today’s corporate world, the concept of employee appreciation gifts have picked up with many companies subscribing to gift wares and other items to show appreciation to their employees.

First of all, companies feel that they need to show employees appreciation when they meet their goals. This standard procedure ensures that the employee maintains a healthy self-esteem. Today’s corporate world is like a battle field. There is such a thing as morale and it is easy to lose morale especially when employees are working in a field that can be frustrating. One such field is customer service. Companies which have a customer service department acknowledge that dealing with customers can be a challenge. This means that is easy for employees to become discouraged and in so doing become sloppy. Employee appreciation gifts to customers even they are not producing according to expectations can be a big boost to their overall morale.

Another reason companies would invest in employee appreciation gifts is because discontented employees normally start looking for jobs elsewhere. A high employee turnover in a company normally does not abide well for the future of the company nor its reputation. Losing top employees means looking for replacements, retraining and re-orienting all of which costs the customer valuable time and money. So employee appreciation gifts are often used by a company as retention tool to retain top producing employees.

There are many ways a company can show its employees appreciation. One of the most popular gifts is gift cards to popular department stores. Gift cards are easy to get and also easy to store because most companies do not prefer to store bulky gifts. Also traditionally, corporate gifts have been small. Items are normally pens, custom cups, baseball caps, flash discs, movie tickets, theatre tickets and the like. Some companies will even issue monetary gifts in the form of American Express gift cards or money orders. It is also not uncommon for companies to deposit money into an employee’s account in the form of direct deposit. Don’t overlook inexpensive gifts that are meaningful such as booklets. Meaningful Employee Appreciation Gifts, a stress booklet can be used as a lunch discussion to assist employees in sharing tips for reducing stressful situation such as driving and dealing with competition.

The schedule of giving employee appreciation gifts varies from company to company. There are some companies which issue gifts every time an employee or a department or team exceeds goals. This is mostly common in companies which are sales oriented. Others which are service oriented give gifts during quarterly or monthly meetings while others do so at the end of the year based on the year’s performance. Others do a combination of all the above in that employees can expect appreciation gifts whenever they out-perform or during the routine meetings and then at the end of the year. Personally I think surprise gifts increase motivation, performance and loyalty.

Source by Dee Cohen