36 Replies to “DIY Transfers for beginners Ink Jet and Laser

  1. Love love love it, I'm trying not to comment on all your decoupage tutorial just in case it sounds like spamming but can't help.
    You explained it so well step by step, anyone can hardly miss a step.
    I've seen a special mod podge for transfer I'm not sure if that the one you used here, I hope it was just the normal mod podge which means I can easily use the normal decoupage glue as a substitute, or correct me if I'm wrong. I hope I can try this very soon, once again thanks

  2. Hello my dear friend, another wonderful video. You always make it look so easy and give your subscribers a lot of confidence that we too, can do these. Has anyone responded about the milk paint? Curious to hear about it.

  3. Great video Pattie!! Love the pink one, even though the chip. Art doesn't always come out perfect, but you work around it. I was always curious on the fascination that people have on chalk paint. What is the big deal. . And I deal worth a ton of different paints! But now. . You have made me actually want to try. It's nice to see you again. ♡ Gina

  4. HI Patti
    That was a great video. I really wasn't sure how to do some of those. You really did a great job showing us all how to do transfers. All of your projects came out great. I liked the way the bottle came out even with the few knicks. I thought it was pretty. Have a great weekend Patti, suppose to be nice here, I am in CT so you are probably getting the same weather as me. see ya next week

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