49 Replies to “AMD vs Nvidia for Video Rendering – Adobe Premiere and Media Encoder

  1. hi, i have a question, i have a pc for video/foto editing with al adobe suite, and its based on Fx-8350, now, i can put my hand on a stock of 32nm Opteron 6262he 16 cores, very low money, my question is…if i build a quad or dual cpu system with 2 or 4 opteron, i can see some advantage for media encoding with adobe instead of my fx 8350?

  2. Can u please tell me whether amd rx 580 is good for premiere pro 2017 ? its not listed yet in adobe's website. but its better in bench marks and computation compared to some of the recommended gpus. please help me

  3. Yeah, I bought a Nvidia GeForce 960, thinking it would be useful in GPU-based rendering. To my surprise, benchmarks show it isn't even in the running… not nearly strong enough. Gee whiz. 🙁

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