22 Replies to “Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 – Best Render Settings for YouTube 2016 (Highest Quality Possible)

  1. it takes like 10hrs when i rebder at 15-20 bit rate wont it blow up the cpu if i put the bit rate at 100???  i would really appreciate an answer bro…im dumping my first official music video and i want it to be flawless but my test so far havent been good…the output quality doesnt match what i see in Premiere…….

  2. If you encode in 100 bitrate or 8 bitrate you get the same quality once uploaded to YouTube. YouTube wrecks the quality and file size so much.

  3. Hey dude, i'm new to all of this some i'm still trying to get my head around all the video editing but why do you change the level to 5.1 and the both bit rates to 100? how does this effect the quality of the video?

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