31 Replies to “Adobe Premiere Pro CC Render and Export Settings Guide (Best Render Settings for 1080p 60fps 2016)

  1. Was trying for hours (as new to video editing) and just couldn't get it to be glitch free. I tried your settings and it worked perfectly. I think manually changing to pixel squares was the difference at a guess.
    A 10min video set at 12bit rate was over 900mb so did it at 8bit and this got it below 700mb so I could burn on a disk.
    Hopefully it will play back ok on windows media player on Windows XP at work.
    Thanks a million….another sub from me :0)

  2. I need some serious help here. I've matched my resolution and frame rate to my recorded gameplay, and for some reason I have black bars around the entire video. I'm matching what you've done here. Can someone explain to me what is going on? This is rather frustrating.

  3. thanks for guiding me brother !! as of now i am using Sony Vegas.. i want to work on professional video, i think Premiere Pro is best… But it is little complicated πŸ™

  4. I don't understand why you use above the recommended 8mb bitrate youtube uses, wont youtube just re encode your video with the lower bitrate?

  5. Great video manπŸ‘πŸ» I need your advice. What is the best export setting for my editor to use to export a wedding file to me? I then take her whole wedding file, put it on my (different) editing program timeline to delete unwanted clips then I export to DVD or BluRay. As of now, she exports the wedding using "M2v" which is an mpg2 file. I'm thinking she should export it MP4 or Mov. Thank you

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