31 Replies to “Adobe Premiere Pro CC Render and Export Settings Guide (Best Render Settings for 1080p 60fps 2016)

  1. Hi man , thanks for the video , I tried to do same as you described but I loose quality , I recorded a game from OBS studio and the quality is 60fps 1920×1080 and it looks perfect(smooth view) , but when editing it in premier the quality goes way down .

    It looks laggy and not good . I'm so frustrated with that , i think that ill try some other app .

    I used same settings you did , and i even tried to play with the bitrate also , got it higher to be from 35 till 60 .
    Still got the quality down , its not same as the original file .

  2. Before i watched this video, i uploaded in 720 and it turned out to be 480 when I uploaded it, my videos is rendering and i think it will be 720, new sub for sure!!!

  3. Thanks for the video really helped me out tho i wish i know about this info before i upload other videos using that bad "youtube editor" XD but oh well now i do this to all my videos from what i learned here.

    Your Video as filled me with "DETERMINATION"

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