37 Replies to “15 Celebrity Photos Taken Before D E A T H

  1. Hardly a sullen look on Tupac's face. He just looks like anyone would look if a camera was suddenly shoved in their face. He didn't know he was gonna die.

  2. Actually Kurt Cobain and Tupac are probably the only ones, who maybe alive still somewhere in a(n) interview it said that there was no evidence to Kurt Cobain's body being identified as suicide, in the house he was at at the time and Tupac is still making music even though people believe he is still dead though apparently, so in reality those are the only 2 that may be alive still.

  3. Kurt cobains last pic was a picof him and his band nirvana sitting on the hood of his old ass cadillac, and kurt is holding a rifle in his mouth, a pretty damn obvious hint. You can find it anywere on the internet if you dont believe me. He was also wearing the same flannel he killed himself in.

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